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Come to Melbourne, and you will fall in love with this amazing city. Also known as the culturual and sportive capital, Melbourne is the perfect place to stay if you are an architecture fan: it perfeclty combines both Victorian and modern styles. Visit the National Gallery of Victioria to discover the culture of the city. Many restaurants and bars are present in the area of Docklands wich is in the heart of Melbourne and offers a beautiful view over the harbour. Climb until Eureka Tower rooftop, the tallest tower in Melbourne, and you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama over the city.

Map of Villas in Melbourne


Eureka Tower

Eureka Skydeck is the highest viewing platform located in the middle of the city. The tower is the perfect start of your journey to explore Melbourne. You will be able to enjoy stunning views over the city and beyond. Moreover, if you want to take the views a step further, then try  The Edge – a glass box that takes you over the edge. Its recommended to visit Eureka Skydeck during the sunset time because you will be able to enjoy most spectacular views when the night changes the day.


Melbourne is Australian best shopping destination.There you will find  fashion-forward boutiques, elegant arcades and buzzing shopping centers. Top  Central Melbourne locations  to shop are Bourke Street Mall, Collins Street, Collins Place, Melbourne Central, Swanston Street, Southgate and Docklands. 


Melbourne offers a large number of fancy restaurants, cocktail and hidden bars as well as luxury night clubs. If you want to enjoy  best cocktails in the city then it is worthwhile to visit a Black Pearl Bar ranked as the best bar of 2014. If you are looking for a fine dining then you might want to try one of the world’s most unique and fabulous restaurant Vue De Monde that is  located on the 55th floor of the city iconic Rialto Tower.

History and Culture

Foundation of Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, was founded in 1835, in the reign of King William IV. However, Melbourne did not originate under official auspices like other cities in Australia, rather it was found by some settlers from Tasmania. On 25 June 1847, Melbourne was declared  a city  by letters patent of Queen Victoria.

Victorian Gold Rush

The discovery of gold in Victoria in 1851 led to the Victorian  Gold rush. It was period in the history that lasted for approximately 10 years. During that time the Australia population nearly trippled. The discovery of the Victorian Goldfields has converted a remote dependency into a country of world wide fame, it attracted an extraordinary number of people, it significantly boosted the value of property and it made Australia the richest country in the world.

Post – war period

Another significant boom in population was in the immideate years after World War II. Melbourne expanded rapidly, its growth boosted by Post was immigration, primarily from Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.Lately, growth in population was accompanied by boost in mining and financial sectors that also led to significant construction developments in the city. 

Melbourne Today

Contemporary Melbourne is characterized by incredible combination of Victorian and modern architecture. Moreover, it is a cultural, fashionable and sportive capital of Australia. Therefore, everyone will be able to find something to fulfill the needs, whether it is a shopping tour, arts gallery or sport event such as The Australian Open tennis championship.

Things to do

The Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market is s vibrant and exciting place that comprises mix of cultures and ethnicities of Melbourne. There you will find a variety of food and souvenirs from all over the world.  It is also a great place to enjoy a breakfast or lunch, and you will likely to be able to trap yourself a meal from some far-reaching countries.

Australian Open

Australian Open is the major tennis tournament held annually in Melbourne. The Australian Open typically has very high attendance, second only to the US Open. Whether you are a fan of tennis or not, Australian Open is an amazing event to attend. 

Melbourne Cup Carnival

If you are visiting Melbourne in spring then you will be able to contemplate the city dresses up for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. It is the country’s most prestigious racing event and the richest “two-mile” handicap in the world, and one of the richest turf races.

Australian Grand Prix- Formula 1

The Australian Grand Prix is a motor race held annually in Australia. The Grand Prix is the oldest surviving motor racing competition held in Australia having been held 79 times since it was first run at Philip Island in 1928. Since 1985, the race has been a round of the FIA Formula One  World Championship and is currently held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit at Albert Park. 

Places to see

The Shrine of Remembrance

This is not only an impressive peace of architecture but also it  serves as  a fitting tribute to veterans from wars throughout the history.  It also an ideal starting point for your adventures in Melbourne, for a number of reasons: it is centrally located, and it provides great views from the top that offers an overview of Melbourne’s Paris-style layout.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

It is a truly prominent and impressive building constructed in Catholic style. St. Paul’s Cathedral is just as impressive inside as out, the interior boasts impressive craftsmanship as a lot of passion and work went into its construction. From the wooden pews to the carvings on the walls and stained glass which emanates all pallet of colours from on high, the interior is both an impressive and tranquil place.

Discover the City and its Laneways

When in Melbourne, exploring the city is an absolute must. Melbourne’ s streets and laneways themselves are the main attraction.  Filled with quirky alley ways, hidden shops, art galleries and indie theatres, it certainly earns its reputation as Australia’s culture capital.

The Great Ocean Road

The most breathtaking drive in Australia and one of the best in the world. It is  worthwhile to take a trip and spend a day observing this amazing scenic vintage point. The Great Ocean Road is stretching over an expense of 243 km along the Victorian Coast. While driving, you will undoubtedly want to stop and take some photographs of the iconic Twelve Apostles rock formation – one of the most impressive geological highlights.

To see and to be seen

Baroq House

Undoubtedly one of the most glamorous and exclusive venues in Melbourne, Baroq House is a luxurious three level mansion in a leafy cobbled city laneway. The design delivers a richness of grandeur, style and sophistication that appeals Melbourne’s ‘in the know’ crowd. With an extensive range of premium spirits and several exclusive private rooms this 17th Century themed venue provides a perfect harmony of modern style facilities and old world grandeur décor.


Attica is one of the best restaurants in Melbourne as well as in the world. It ranked 32 on the World’s 50 Best restaurants list. Even as the upper echelons of the restaurant industry lean further towards the rediscovery and celebration of the land and culinary heritage, few can match the fundamental connection with nature evident at Attica. The menu at the Melbourne restaurant, overseen by New Zealander Ben Shewry, is studded with earthy flavours and foraged ingredients, while the dining experience is simultaneously sophisticated and deeply grounded.

National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne has a large number of art galleries and museums, no wonder this city is considered the cultural capital. When in Melbourne it is worthwhile to visit Australia’s oldest public art gallery.It proudly exhibits a wide range of artworks from around the globe. A visually striking building, the slate exterior is enveloped by water as you walk towards the open entrance and are greeted by the gallery’s famous Waterwall. Sheets of glass are brought to life by rainwater collected on the roof of the  NGV International building, which is recycled through the drainpipes and water treatment plant. With water shortages in Australia as an on-going concern, it is innovative design ideas such as this make the NGV stand out.

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